What is Project 3S? What is Project 3S?


Project 3S is a project that aims to discuss in detail the projects which will be determined for the topics that will be determined within the framework of municipalities, smart cities and grids every year in a manner to act jointly with the municipalities of cities that our country, which has one of the largest megapols of the world, has close relations with through cooperation protocols or sister city
positions, NGO’s universities and academicians, together with these cities and to find solutions through international project contests, global PR activities to create awareness and mutual communication methods.

Project 3S is a global cooperation project that will lead the way for dealing with issues of smart cities and grids and energy management issues not only in our country but also in all these sister cities under the leadership of the metropols to be selected from our country.


Project 3S produces the projects that make up the topics of ICSG 2021 together with its international stakeholders and it is planned to become the largest showcase in its region for smart cities and grids and energy management.

Project 3S will host the projects that will bring together all stakeholders of the sectors through multi-lateral international working groups to be selected from Sister Cities in a manner to from public opinion and it is one of its high priority objectives to become first a regional then a global reference point on academic and technical subjects within the framework of the topics on the agenda of ICSG

It is the basic principle that the working groups to be formed work on the designated projects throughout the year and share these works with the sector in a manner to be added to the academic literature during the sessions and conferences that will be decided by the Science Board assigned to the Congress part of ICSG, applications be experimented with and prepare proper setting for bilateral negotiations that will increase commercial cooperations.

Considering the volume and potential of our country, in order for the related sector to complete their ecosystems, it is deemed suitable to have an international Executive Board in which municipalities, academic entities and organizations, NGO’s and private sector enterprises are represented.


Authorized representatives of target cities that will be selected from among sister cities who will be approved within the framework of ICSG main theme will be designated as Project 3S Representatives and they will be invited to International Istanbul Smart Cities and Smart Grids Congress and Fair.


It will be ensured that the designated Project 3S Representatives are selected from names who are capable and globally experienced on smart cities and grids and that procurement teams will be organized from related countries with them during their participation in International Istanbul Smart Cities and Smart Grids Congress and Fair to make ICSG a showcase with high commercial potential.


Sister cities of our country that are intended to be brought together under the international umbrella created by ICSG will be Project 3S members; they will bring on the agenda in their own countries the issues determined during ICSG concerning the sector under the leadership of designated metropols, thus, they will simultaneously be stakeholders of a global activity and also they will maximize the awareness about private sector and especially our country.


Related sessions are planned to be in English in ICSG; it is also foreseen that Mayors of sister cities and managers of similar authority to chair the sessions as Session Moderator together with metropol executives of our country or participate as Keynote Speakers.