Pick My Project Istanbul Pick My Project Istanbul

“Pick My Project Istanbul”, like the similar project being implemented in Victoria State of USA, is an international program where NGO’s private sector, academic world, start-up projects and especially university youth are allowed to participate that has a certain amount of budget and that encourages the participants to find project ideas which will help to make Istanbul a more livable city.

With the slogan “7 Exclusive Projects to Seven Hills”, it collects the projects that will compete under 7 predetermined titles. Collected projects will be shared with our fellow citizens of Istanbul if deemed appropriate and they will be reduced to a certain number with a second elimination over internet.

The first three projects chosen by our fellow citizens of Istanbul will be entitled to receive awards; the first project may be financed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality or private sector and it may be implemented in real life.



“Pick My Project Istanbul” is an important instrument that will contribute to the sustainability of International Istanbul Smart Cities and Grids Congress and Fair ICSG 2021.


“Pick My Project Istanbul” together with Project 3S in the organization of ISCG 2020 is part of a comprehensive PR activity that will keep both the sector and Istanbul on international agenda for 365 days.


Selecting and implementing the international projects in the framework of making Istanbul more livable together with citizens of Istanbul will improve the collective management concept by strengthening the innovative, analytical and collective local administration perception and will create the opportunity to select smart projects for the smart city collectively.


Istanbul, with its historical texture and unique characteristics, is a city that requires special studies and tailor-made solutions. The project may combine these methods in the global sense.


Cities transformed to “Smart Cities” impose the requirement for the projects intended for them to be solutions that are integrated and interoperable with each other.

Environmental Compatibility

Every project to be developed for Istanbul must be designed to observe the cultural and historical sensitivities of the city.


Historical location of Istanbul, the capital of the world, connecting two continents
must be reflected in the projects prepared for Istanbul.


Projects prepared for Istanbul must create attraction and awareness to be implemented in other countries of the world.


The projects in the framework ICSG, which has the purpose of becoming a regional leader in the sector, must have innovations that will be promoted to the world from Istanbul.


Transportation projects must be implemented that will contribute to Istanbul’s urban
transformation together with its recycling economy.

Social Responsibility

Transportation projects of Istanbul, which is one of the largest cities regarding population, must have parallelism with social responsibility projects.