SEOUL (South Korea) SEOUL (South Korea)

It is the capital of South Korea and 13th most crowded city of the world with an urban population of 10 million.

The city was host to Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and 2010 G-20 Summit and it is famous for its very developed economy and touristic infrastructure.

Mayor Park Woonson, whose term began in 2011, made significant advances on the issue of smart cities.

The foundation of the works were laid in 1990’s and speeded up since 2011; these works have placed the city among the smartest cities of the world.


  • Most Innovative Transportation Project Award, 2013
Big Data Projects

Big data is one of the three basic layers of the municipality’s smart city strategy; among the projects related with this strategy, the most prominent one is the extra bus services developed to help the citizens after the hours when the bus services are terminated at night.

Before this project was started, the travels made in the city after midnight were both very expensive and uncomfortable due to shortage of taxis; for this reason, upon increasing complaints, municipality started pilot studies for these extra bus services.

In order to decide on the service routes, detailed data collected from GPS devices placed in taxis and buses was used to determine the traffic lights, speed limits and public transport hours; a big data analysis was conducted including 3 billion telephone conversations, route proposals and complaints.

This practice based on open data that improved the quality of Seoul people’s night travel was chosen the best innovative project of the year in 2013.