Transportation Transportation

Realization of digital transformation rapidly on the basis of network, data and content today enabled all city systems to produce and use data. City managements manage over processes that they produced with modeling generated from data sets, all elements of which are obtained in big data. Smart Transportation is made possible at this point by producing solutions that facilitate the use of the whole transportation capacity existing in the city at maximum level. Thus, at this point, it is clearly understood that smart transportation investments should be made not only on transportation vehicles but also on new type of automobiles, autonomous vehicles, mobile communication technologies and mobile applications.

Concepts that emerge in relation with solution methods in traffic requires the discussion of new issues such as smart playgrounds, rearrangement of car parks, car sharing, bicycle use, increasing the use of public transport Preventing the traffic congestion and carbon emission caused by the growing population in the cities are the leading issues that Smart City Management needs to investigate. New concepts that emerge as solutions to this problem, namely use of renewable energy, use of solar energy, use of public transportation vehicles, are included on our ICSG 2021 agenda.

Smart Transportation Infrastructure
  • Road Safety
  • Signalization Systems
  • Smart Transport Systems
  • Smart Park Areas
  • Smart Monitoring Systems
Transportation of the Future
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Air Transport
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Interconnected Vehicles
Shared Transportation
  • Shared Use
  • Transportation on Demand
  • Flexible Transportation
  • Transportation as Service
  • Vehicle Resource Use
  • City Lines Planning
Sustainable Transportation
  • Pedestrian Friendly Transportation
  • Electric Transportation
  • Non-Motorized Transportation
  • Active Transportation
  • Use of Two-Wheel Vehicles
Flawless Transportation
  • Multi-Mode Transportation
  • Payment Systems
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Information Sharing
  • Integrated Transportation
Public Transportation
  • Entities Authorized for Public Transport
  • Integrated Transportation Plans
  • Transportation Regulations
  • Metrobus-Rail Transportation
  • Travelling Behaviors