Why ICSG 2020? Why ICSG 2020?

Our enhanced agenda as ICSG 2021 is to create a global showcase to strengthen cities by presenting practices and innovations thatwill make contribution to advanced service and modern life in all areas of the city for efficient, uninterrupted, safe and individualized smart cities and grids and fro the energy resources that will power them and establish a global showcase that will collectivize urban innovation all over the world.

We are offering a unique venue for the urban future of all smart city and smart grid ecosystem and energy for the purpose of incentivizing social innovation, establishing cooperations and creating a better future for global cities and city dwellers by determining job opportunities.

We are bringing together institutional leaders, public representatives, experts from all corners of the world and academicians to share their experiences, speak about the best and most recent practices and pave the way for new methods for international cooperation.


Promote your projects and solutions in the largest and leading global activity of Eurasia in its field. Be informed about the upto-date and latest technology products and solutions of global companies working in various fields such as software, hardware, communication and security. Expand your grid for new cooperations.



Get involved in decision making mechanisms of public/private entities’ and organizations’ procurements within the scope of smart grids and cities. Get the opportunity to be informed of the sector-specific solutions developed  by energy companies, manufacturers, software companies, distribution companies and GSM Operators, new products and current developments.


Be a part of the investments totaling approximately 25 billion dollars that Turkey, which has 35 million water subscribers, 35 million electricity subscribers and 10 million natural gas subscribers, will make in the next 10 years within the scope of smart cities and smart grids. Catch the potential.


Access new solutions and products for smart cities and smart grids in the planned transformation process. Be a part of the process with your products and solutions. Be a partner of new urbanization concept where alternative energy resources are integrated. Be a part of the transformation by making contribution to the changing face of the city.

Istanbul, from of old, is a magic and virtually sacred seal joining Europe and Asia. Istanbul is absolutely the most beautiful place of the world.

Gerard De NervaI